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Kairali Health Resort Andheria Modh, Mehrauli, New Delhi

Kairali Health Resort is located at the Mehruli area of Delhi. Kairali Health Resort is a very distinguished name in the hospitality sector as it offers a traditional health oriented living experience in the within its large periphery of lush green panoramic landscape. Combined with the achievements of the modern medical science along with the 5000 year old Ayurveda, Kairali Health Resort Delhi is a harmonious fusion of the excellence of the past and present. A stay at the New Delhi Kairali makes the guests remember the famous words of Rousseau “Return to Nature”. Health Resort Kairali is not only a place to provide a glimpse of the ancient ayurvedic wonder it is an oasis of peace and tranquility where the hustle bustle of the outer world has no place.

The treatment offered by The Kairali Delhi Health Resort is mainly based on the different oil massage therapies which are completely sans any side effect and toxicity. The treatments and therapies of Kairali Health Resort are supervised by the expert ayurvedic doctors. Though health is the main priority of the Kairali Resort, it also offers the grandeur of luxury within and without its 30 grand villas, each of them having special and exclusive touch of architectural genius. The 1.5 km long serpentine water body with its vibrant fountains coupled with beautifully designed waterfalls enhances the feeling of antiquity and enchantment. The villas of Delhi Resort Kairali are classified as deluxe villa, classic villa, royal villa and maharaja suite. These luxurious villas are accompanied with the amenities like 24 hour round the clock impeccable room service, fridge, TV, phone connection, 24 hour hot and cold water, ayurvedic soap and shampoo and many more. The guests of the last three categories of the villas of The Kairali also have the opportunity of staying in a close vicinity of the water body and experiencing the murmuring sound of the water.

Kairali Health Resort also offers a large swimming pool for the enjoyment of the guests. The restaurant under The Kairali serves tasty and hygienic foods which are especially recommended by the dieticians.

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